“Transmedia” forum at Western, 6 March 2009

(a free event)

Perspectives on “Transmedia”
A Trans-Disciplinary Forum at the University of Western Ontario
Presented by the Department of English and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies

6 March 2009

Morning Session – Somerville Hall 3315

8:30 Coffee and welcome

9:00-10:00: Keynote address
“Pirate Nations: Culture vs Property in the Media Commons”
Daniel Downes
Director, Information and Communication Studies, UNB Saint John
Author, Interactive Realism: The Poetics of Cyberspace (2005)

10:15-11:15: Adaptations (Chair: Pauline Wakeham)
Amanda Adams (FIMS), “Adaptation among the disciplines: ‘Transmedia’ and educational intersections”
Elan Paulson (English), “Feminist Transmedia Adaptation”

Afternoon Session – North Campus Building 296

12:30-2:00: Convergences (Chair: Carole Farber)
D. Grant Campbell (FIMS), “Emergence vs. Convergence: How the New Trans-Media Reality is Altering the Traditional Bibliographic Universe”
Chris Richardson (FIMS), “The News Gets a Bad Rap: Exploring journalism in hip-hop”
Jennifer Martin (FIMS), “Recreating Media Content: Transmedia Storytelling Through Second Life”

2:15-3:15: Cultural economics (Chair: Christopher Keep)
Lisa Macklem (Law), “Copyright and Fan Fiction: Why Isn’t Anyone Getting Sued?”
Toban Black (Sociology) and Vincent Manzerolle (FIMS), “Time for a Transmedia Utopia? Digital Political Economy and Web ‘2.0’”

3:30-4:30: Panel discussion
D. Grant Campbell (FIMS)
Mark A. McCutcheon (English)
Wendy Pearson (Film Studies)

4 responses to ““Transmedia” forum at Western, 6 March 2009

  1. Dr. William A Martin

    Is this a CFP, or have all the slots for this 1 day conference already been taken?

  2. This is an event announcement; we have a complete program. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Dr. Barbara Bell

    Found your event through a link to the ‘Western News’ article in a Fanthropology list on Livejournal.

    Is there any chance of these sessions being available online or afterwards?

    Barbara Bell.

    Dr. Barbara Bell: Programme Leader (Drama) NHC/UHI
    E-mail: Barbara.Bell@thurso.uhi.ac.uk

  4. academicalism

    Podcast archives would have been eminently appropriate to the occasion, but we didn’t pursue this. We will be pursuing publication for proceedings, however.

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