NASSR Day 1 (concluded)

Strange how the updates tapered off once I started going to NASSR events yesterday…

The first session I went to was about “Necromanticism,” the period “cult of the dead.” A lot of the Q&A ended up about the Body Worlds exhibit and similar modern-day corpse-based “freak shows,” a big topic for one of the presenters. Who mentioned that these shows have run into legal trouble for allegations of trafficking in the bodies of executed Falun Gong political prisoners. And who referred us to a website where you too can buy human anatomic specimens of your very own. Collect the whole set!

After yesterday’s plenary talk (about which I can’t decide so the less said the better), the reception just outside the lecture hall (all of this still in the hotel, btw) featured maybe the longest and slowest line to the bar I’d ever joined. And no sooner had everybody cashed in their first of two drink tickets than the servers packed the bar up and vanished. Fail. Everybody knows these events run on alternating injections of caffeine and alcohol.

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