NASSR Day 3 (concluded)

4 to 5:45 pm – My session on mediation went well: an interesting but connected set of papers, and a significant turnout of delegates ready with thoughtful questions. Turns out one of our panelists is at SUNY Empire State, an open U like Athabasca, or the UK’s, er, Open U.
Otherwise I still have to digest the session’s proceedings, maybe in a separate entry, especially since they announced, at the banquet, that next year’s NASSR in Vancouver will have mediation as its main theme.

7:30 pm – The final plenary talk ranged over Romantic-era philosophies of modernity and music (I was a bit annoyed music was only assigned the work of feeling, not thinking, which seemed to stay pretty specifically the turf of philosophy; but I digress). Our speaker worked in an unusual (and welcome) degree of humour:

“In the OED, ‘sublate’ is defined as ‘to cancel and preserve while elevating to a higher level.’ I wonder what foreigners must think of that word if they come across it: ‘who would ever use this word?'”

Of course no talk like this is complete without coining a few of its own. “Articulacy” was floated early on, as was “supersensible substrate” (okay, that’s not a new coinage, but it’s fun to say); and the Q&A gave us “metaphysicize” as a verb.

Also overheard, whispered somewhere behind me following a late back-&-forth in the Q&A period: “Bad question, boring answer.” Okay then, where did I put those drink tickets?

The banquet was thankfully free of the line-up for drinks that had congested the Thursday reception.

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