Making tracks

Part of my research trip stateside over the winter holiday was to try my hand at music production. Here are links to downloadable mp3 versions of the two tracks, hatched by Yours Truly in collaboration with Tiger + Rat Design.

These are still very much works in progress, but I’ve released their drafts under a Creative Commons license to invite feedback, critique (does the melody of the house track sound off-kilter to you too?), and, of course, remixes. (If you’re serious about the latter, contact me about using the source .wav and master files.)

“In appropriate reverb”

An instrumental house track going for a dubwise bassline. (I’d welcome a critique of its melody from anyone with actual music theory expertise.)

“McLuhan on the Boyle”

A downtempo sound collage that imagines Marshall McLuhan in sampled conversation with IP scholar James Boyle, against a backdrop of other samples, including outtakes from Steffen Irlinger’s interviews with Detroit techno producers in his 2008 radio drama Copy/Right.

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