Canada’s DMCA puts us all on the front line

The Canadian Coalition for Electronic Rights now offers an automated online letter app that will send a lot of paper to Ottawa on your behalf to protest the Harper regime’s expected copyright bill. You can follow the CCER on Twitter too. Hell, you can follow the Hon. James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and the chief pusher of this police-state bill. Or check out Canada’s torrent search engine, Isohunt, for what I was about to call front-line updates from this copyfight, but the fact is — as the USA’s DMCA and the UK’s new DE Bill show — we are all on the front line, here. Cory Doctorow describes the “road to dictatorial hell” paved by the DE Bill, as

a law that establishes an unprecedented realm of web censorship in Britain, a law that provides for the disconnection of entire families from the net on the say-so of an entertainment giant, a law that shuts down free Wi-Fi hotspots and makes it harder than ever to conduct your normal business on the grounds that you might be damaging theirs.

Stoking the tree-eating fires of a letter-writing campaign has got me interested in the tactics and efficacy of writing to politicians. See the comments tacked onto my last post–to sum them up: keep it short, write it by hand, and CC as many MPs as you like, but especially your own riding’s. And be specific. So while we get told to STFU and wait to see how heavy a club our own DMCA will swing, one question I have, in the interests of effective political letter-writing, is this: what is the number of the bill being proposed? If it’s only five weeks until we get digitally locked out of our freedoms and our privacy unfairly dealt with, it can’t be too early to ask.

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