Call for papers on the copyfight (ACCUTE 2011)

As advertised at the ACCUTE website (scroll down, scroll way way down), I’m organizing a special session for next year’s ACCUTE conference, during Congress at the U of New Brunswick.

The Copyfight: The Politics of Intellectual Property and Literary Production

Conceived as a critical public intervention in the fast- changing regimes of intellectual property (IP) regulation, this session seeks to bring questions of copyright and its regulation to bear on contemporary literary and cultural studies. The “copyfight” over digital intellectual property regulation, in particular, pits states and corporations against citizens, who are criminalized en masse as ever-stricter IP regulations (such as Bill C-32 and ACTA) that purport to control digital consumption also increasingly control the modes of cultural production. Between enclosures of the “cultural commons” and resistances to these enclosures, literary and cultural production has become politicized in its very forms. Possible topics for this session include:

  • Representations and critiques of intellectual property in literature
  • Case studies of IP regulation and/or litigation by literary properties or estates
  • Analyses of appropriation-based literary and cultural modes, forms, and texts
  • Histories of copyright and IP regulation: its definitions, institutions, transformations
  • IP issues in the university: e.g. Access Copyright, e-readers, DRM, Open Access, plagiarism
  • The political economy of adaptation: fan fiction, parodic use, commentary
  • Whither creative license? Copyright’s controls, confiscations, and censorships of cultural production

Following the instructions on this website for member-organized sessions, send your 700 word proposal (or 8-10 page double-spaced paper), a 100 word abstract, a 50 word biographical statement, and the submitter information form, to mccutcheon[at]athabascau[dot]ca by 15 November 2010.

Note: You must be a current ACCUTE member to submit to this session.

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