A cento of Facebook tributes to Jack Layton

I’ve left the sources anonymous because, well, you posted it on Facebook, not in public. You know who you are, and you’re welcome to credit if you want it. Thanks for sharing.

This says it all ♥

Salut, Jack. I met you first 40 years ago when you taught me in a political science class at York. Since then I’ve campaigned for you, voted for you and admired your courage and integrity. You’ve earned your place beside Tommy Douglas.

RIP Jack Layton. Legendary city builder, national leader and advocate for youth. You will be greatly missed.

I had the pleasure of seeing you once in my life at a political gathering, and I will remember how sincere and how devoted you were to making Canada a better place.

Just renewed my NDP membership. Felt like the right time today.

He was a rare, galvanizing ambassador of Canada’s populist heart. People are ridiculously afraid of the word socialism for anachronistic reasons, but certainly Jack reminded us what it meant to be Canadians in this regard, a wholistic socialism of the heart, a country for all Canadians, “…making sure no one is left behind.”

I didn’t expect it too feel personal..like family.

really sad news. RIP Jack Layton – last of the great fighters … fighter, bulldog, slayer of dragons.

Had the privilege to meet Jack Layton and Olivia Chow when, in 2000, they hosted a little house party for safe-dance activists (TRIP, Party People Project, etc.). Canada needs more progressive youth and harm-reduction advocates like them. (Especially the kind who know how to throw a party.)

Jack accomplished so much, and his achievements will continue to serve Canadians for a very long time.

It’s a truly sad day for Canadian democracy.

How To Be a Good Canadian

I can’t believe how hard Jack’s death has hit me.

He was a truly motivating person with determination. You’ll be missed Jack. I remember how he congratulated *** at the finish line of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon when *** set a new marathon joggling record. He always had a sincerity about him in celebrating life’s achievements.

What a shock. RIP Jack Layton, fellow fighter of the good fight.

Jack Layton has left us but the movement continues.

Porch lights and candles in the windows for jack Layton. May he be at peace. Thank you Jack!

(P.S. Also: these posters of Jack Layton’s Words, by Stuart Thursby, are majestic. Let’s make lots of posters.)

One response to “A cento of Facebook tributes to Jack Layton

  1. I will sincerely miss your joie de vivre. Your obvious love of this country made me love this country.

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