“Decisive action” = “a ferocious onslaught on the fabric of civil society”

The enthusiasm shown by Harper regime ministers for British PM Cameron’s speech to Parliament yesterday can only be taken as chilling foreshadowing for what the neoconservative cabal has planned for Canada.

The Hargreaves Report from this past spring and the minor concessions to users’ rights (which my tweet above misidentified as DRM exemptions…my bad!) are the only sensible policy manoeuvres I’ve seen come out of the UK’s new Coalition Turdstep.

Otherwise, I tend to agree with the analysis of Britain’s pre-eminent Cultural Studies scholar, Stuart Hall, in his Sept. 12 Guardian editorial:

Since the early days of Thatcher we have not seen such a ferocious onslaught on the fabric of civil society, relationships and social life.

We need to closely read what rulers like these say. They say the world faces a “debt crisis” but decades of tax breaks for the very rich have created what’s more accurately described as a revenue crisis. And as for “decisive action” can mean only one thing to them: the double-edged hatchet for corporate tax cuts and public service cuts. To make that math add up to a just and productive society: that is the stuff of “naive dreamers.” And more of it will leave the road to renewal looking ever more like just The Road.

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