Open letter: objection to Bill C-56, and to Canada considering ACTA ratification

To: The Hon. Christian Paradis, Minister of Industry
Subject: objection to Bill C-56, and to Canada considering ACTA ratification

Honourable Minister Paradis,

I am writing, as a copyright policy researcher, to object to the government’s introduction of Bill C-56, which would position Canada to ratify ACTA: a trade agreement that has been roundly rejected by jurisdictions around the world (like the EU), partly for harbouring disastrous copyright policies like those of the failed American SOPA and PIPA bills. By enabling Canada to ratify ACTA, Bill C-56 would thus lead to the partial undoing of the government’s own recently passed copyright legislation in Bill C-11 – which has made important gains for Canadians, towards better balanced copyright.

Bill C-56 is politically toxic, a shameless cave-in to US lobbying, and a flagrant waste of taxpayers’ money.

For further reading on Bill C-56 and the apparently unkillable ACTA:

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Knopf, Howard. “Bill C-56: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water?” Excess Copyright 4 Mar. 2013.

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