Protect #NetNeutrality — stop the #InternetSlowdown

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Today is the #InternetSlowdown, a day of concerted action to oppose Big Telecom’s attempts to stratify Internet service into slower and faster lanes – in other words, to parcel the open Internet into a bunch of shitty cable-service packages.
Add your voice to the growing chorus of support for net neutrality and opposition to a tiered Internet, via organizations like Open Media:

Big Telecom conglomerates are about to force many of your favourite websites into an Internet slow lane, making them buffer sporadically, and return errors.
The clock is ticking: Key decision-makers are about to make a landmark ruling on this Internet slowdown3 – join the crucial day of action now. Add your voice!

To learn more about net neutrality, why it’s important, and why it’s in danger, start with this discussion by comedian John Oliver, who helpfully redefines “net neutrality” as “preventing cable company fuckery”:

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