“O Pioneers” (a topical limerick for #writing201)

I’m taking part in WordPress’ online poetry course, #writing201, mostly for some structured writing motivation. I’m not blogging all work (I don’t think it’s fair of the course hosts to expect it), but I will share some. Like the assignment to write an alliterative limerick about journeys. This assignment gives me pause about the course, but writing limericks is fun. They lend themselves to topical, satirical subjects (they’re hard to take seriously, I think, because I always expect them to be dirty). So voilà.

O Pioneers

O pioneers of the mission to Mars,
So keen to make history among the stars:
Please ponder that science
Says your trip speeds to silence
Like the Donners, to leave families with scars.

3 responses to ““O Pioneers” (a topical limerick for #writing201)

  1. I liked your choice of topic — you made it fit really well in a limerick, but it still throws a twist into the form’s conventions.

    Re: the course, I want to clarify that nobody is expected to publish their poems every day — I think we mentioned it in the various announcements before the course started, though now I wish we’d been clearer. Many people use these courses as a motivator to blog daily, but it’s definitely not a formal expectation (there aren’t any, really, in any of these events). Everyone should do what works (and what’s fun) for them.

    • Thanks for your kind word, and for clarifying course expectations. “What works (and what’s fun)” – that works for me.

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