“working out an inter-ACCUTE thought exercise” music mix

[In my post-#congreSSH post about this year’s ACCUTE dance party, I’d said I’d be following up with a post reflecting further on that event. Voilà: further thoughts, related to other current concerns, in the form of a DJ mix. What can I say? I have a phonographic memory.]


2 responses to ““working out an inter-ACCUTE thought exercise” music mix

  1. For a short post, this says a lot about the mix of feelings that come with academic work. We approach our disciplines with a strange kind of love. I know lots of workers outside of academe also feel the passion, excitement, tedium, loneliness, protectiveness, guilt, nostalgia, hope, and confusion that we do, but we do seem to mix those emotions together and embed them in our identities in a unique way.

    Were you able to work out the problem?

    • academicalism

      the problems being a) how to express gratitude to colleagues for asking critical questions and holding rigorous discussion, and to this organization for facilitating such discussions and creating space for other ways of knowing like dance, and b) what to play after Aretha: I don’t expect to work them out conclusively. This is work likely always to be in progress.

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