A Festschrift piece in Comparative Literature for the New Century

I’m delighted to have a chapter in Giulia Gasperi’s and Joseph Pivato’s new book, Comparative Literature For The New Century, which has just been published by McGill-Queens University Press.

It’s a delight, too, have written that chapter as a Festschrift piece* honouring Pivato’s discipline-building career.

And—in the process—it’s both a delight and a privilege to be able to bring to this writing a payment of tribute—by way of opening epigraphs—to other important mentors in that critical institution called the #university:

* What’s a Festschrift? A peculiarly academical genre.


2 responses to “A Festschrift piece in Comparative Literature for the New Century

  1. Small piece of German geekery: a Festschrift isn’t just an academical genre; it literally means “festival writing”, i.e. a piece of writing, generally a pamphlet or book, that’s been produced for a special occasion in celebration of something or someone. For example, my high school is producing one for their 90th anniversary which will include memories of alumni, photos, some history of the school etc. – not academic, just celebratory.

    • Thanks, this is good to know. Not that anyone’s surprised that academics have taken a more broadly applicable word and turned it into a specifically academic term…

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