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Open letter to Canada Trade Agreement Secretariat, about the FIPA Canada-China trade deal

Dear Canada Trade Agreement Secretariat,
I am writing to state my strenuous opposition to the FIPA Canada-China trade deal, and my just as strenuous opposition to the undemocratic manner in which it has been negotiated, with neither meaningful public consultation nor meaningful parliamentary debate.
FIPA represents a reckless compromise to Canada’s resource sovereignty, environmental protections, and even our very democracy. It must at least be subjected to meaningful analysis and debate, and not be forced as an inordinate political, economic, and ecological burden on our children and grandchildren.

Send your own message to Canada’s Trade Agreement Secretariat via this link.

For the facts about FIPA, the @leadnowca and @sum_of_us campaigns have produced a website, and this fact sheet (click for full-size printable PDF):