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AthaU’s MA in Integrated Studies: a strong program for “zombie studies”

[I haven’t been supervising #AthaU MA student Linda’s final research project, but I’ve nevertheless been following with great interest the progress updates about it that she has posted to her blog, The following is an excerpt from her latest post, which, among other things, reflects critically on the continuing popularity of zombie texts, and mentions some that I didn’t know about … like one by Zora Neale Hurston? That’s going to the top of my reading list.]

Zombies are our fear of the “other” in this world…those who want to get in and take over and change us. Those who squat among us “in here” and mean us harm. Those “out there” who hate us and plot to destroy us. These enemies have no fear of death and they cannot be reasoned with.
Zombies are our fear of the pollutants that will make our earth unliveable. They are the plague of climate change caused by coldly aloof corporations. Of seeping radioactive spaces. Of super-acidic seas. Of species of plants and animals becoming extinct. Of new contagions we cannot control. Of an ozone we are destroying and a nearby star we can neither escape nor live without. And all of these seem to be beyond our control.

Read on: “The Zombie Invasion”

Relatedly: Athabasca U has boasted its own Zombie Research Group for some time now, an on-again, off-again research group started in AU’s social site, the Landing, by a MA-IS student (now graduate). Check it out.